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New PASI "Force Sync" Button

Effective immediately, a new "Force Sync" button will be available to PowerSchool Registrars to assist in the resolution of specific PASI Core Alerts.

Before using the Force Sync button, ensure the student is actually enrolled at your school by looking at PASI Stuident Profile (School Enrolments) on the Province page.  Also, review the data to ensure that it is accurate in PowerSchool and inaccurate in PASI.

Click here for documentation.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Force Sync function, please contact Student Information prior to use.


September - 2017/18 School Startup 

(Includes French Hours of Instruction, Learning Groups, Student Coding, LSP)


AUGUST - 2017/18 School Year Start Up 

Full Year Term Schools 

Semester Schools

Trimester Schools



Classes and Courses

Demographics and Enrolment

Fee Management


Learner Support Plan


Next Year Setup / Pre-enrolment - 2016/17



Progress Reporting

Searching and Reporting
Senior High Processes
Start of Year

Storing Grades