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February 7, 2018

PowerSchool February Update

PowerSchool Key Features

  • Updated Reports Reference Guide (PowerSchool Reports) (PowerTeacher Reports)
  • If you are not in the current school year, the PowerSchool page header will be a different colour.
  • Language and Culture grant codes have been added.  There is also a new report – Students With Language and Culture Grant Code issues which will identify students enrolled in L & C courses but don’t have the matching grant code or vice versa.
  • Student List By Program Report - Added grant codes to the report.
  • FNMI descriptions have been updated to match Alberta terminology.
  • Modify Schedule page - Schools can now only drop classes from their own school.
  • Attendance Profile Reports - We now show the ASN in the Messages and Errors section.
  • Course Preference Weightings can now be set to double digits (maximum weight is 99).
  • Help Text has been added to the Permanently Stored Grades page (added October 2017).
  • Retroactive Credits (if any exist) are now shown on the Historical Grades page.

Bug Fixes

  • Section Enrolment Count page - fixed report to no longer incorrectly highlight sections where the maximum enrolment limit is zero (which actually means unlimited seats).
  • Ethnicity was not being updated on the Province Page when FNMI was changed
  • On the Validate Data page, the FNMI Section was not working with Null values
  • Field Trip Links are now pointing to the correct page.
  • The Flex Session Summary Report was not checking semesters (fixed November 2017).


Progress/LSP Module

  • Minor bug fixes



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NEW!!! Next Year Eligibilities can now be entered on the student next year screen by clicking the Next Year Eligibility button

o   Submit your next year changes before clicking the Next Year Eligibility button or you will lose your changes

After a Next School has been selected for the first time, you must wait until the top of the hour before you can select next year eligibilities