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New PASI Force Sync Button

Click here for information regarding the new PASI Force Sync Button in PowerSchool.


Preferred Names In PowerSchool

PowerSchool and all related components (including the Progress Module and LSP Module) will now only display student preferred names.  See the What's New section below for details.


PowerSchool Reading Achievement Levels

Grade 1-6 teachers can enter Reading Achievement Levels for their students via PowerTeacher. Click the link below for instructions how to enter scores and to report on previous year entries.

Entering Reading Achievement Levels - PowerTeacher

Reporting Reading Achievement Levels - PowerTeacher


Entering Reading Achievement Levels - PowerSchool Admin Users

Reporting Reading Achievement Levels - PowerSchool Admin Users


PowerSchool Setup

Storing Grades - See the PowerSchool Admin section for Storing Grades - Term 1.

See the PowerSchool Admin section for 2016/17 PowerSchool setup exercises.

Also, check out the Training section for upcoming inservices, and the 'What's New' section below for new features available in PowerSchool.



Student Coding

Conversion from Eligibility to New Student Coding

Student Coding Changes - Principal Overview

Student Coding Tips & Tricks

District Centres 
(powerpoint show - August 2014)
Student Coding  (PDF - September 2014)

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PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that is used by all schools in the District.  It consists of two components - PowerSchool, which contains the office functions, and PowerTeacher, which contains the teacher functions.  A Progress/IPP module has been built in, to meet the specific needs of Edmonton Public Schools.



All PowerSchool Support questions should be directed to the ITS Help Desk.  This includes:

  • PowerTeacher
  • PowerSchool Administrative Module
  • Progress/IPP
  • Pre-enrolment
  • System performance/response

Information regarding student information processes and data requirements (ex Class Size, CEU, etc) can be found on the Student Information website

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March 26, 2018

PowerSchool March Spring Break Upgrade

PowerSchool was upgraded to version (from Version 10.0.4).  PASI was upgraded to

PowerSchool Core Changes Include

  • Student Searches
    • Remote Enrollments: A checkbox has been added to the Home page to include students with remote section enrollments in search results.
    • Summer School Enrollments: When you are searching for a student within a school that is enabled as a summer school, the search results will automatically include students who have their Summer School indicator set to that school.
  • Mass Enroll Remote and Summer School Enrollments - It is now possible to mass enroll any selection of students into a section taught at another school, or into a Summer School section.
  • State/Provincial Help - The Help menu has expanded to include Compliance help specific to your province. This new help option will take PowerSchool admin users to online help where Provincial specific information can be updated and kept current independent of the version of PowerSchool in use.
  • External Section Expression - A new field, External Expression, has been added to the Sections table to make it significantly easier to access the proper calculated expression for a section.
  • Permanently Store Grades process - For some users, the permanently store grades process is timing out before it is able to complete. This issue is now resolved.
  • QuickLookup - blank/no grades that used to show as a dash now show as [ i ].  When clicked, it shows you there is no mark available.


PowerSchool Custom Changes Include:

  • School Functions Menus: We have collapsed some menu items to make it easier to find items. Example: The four French Hour reports are now found under ‘French Hour Functions’
    • French Hour Functions
    • CST Module Functions
    • HLAT Functions
    • FHLAT Functions
    • MIPI Functions
    • Reading Achievement Functions
  • The Visa Expiry Report is now called the Study Permit Expiry Report
  • Diploma Exam Classes report now has a student count


PASI Changes Include

  • Evaluated Marks:  When creating an evaluated mark, the evaluation method CHA - Course Challenge is disabled for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Home Phone: There is now a “Phone Type” on the Alberta Demographics page with the possible values Home and Mobile.
  • Document expiry date: An optional choice is now on the Alberta Demographics page to enter the document expiry date to for citizenship status 2 – Permanent Resident.
  • Resident Board: The Resident Board drop-down is now an autocomplete text-box. Users can start typing and a filtered list will appear from which they can select a value.
  • Edit Previous Enrolment Screen: User can now update the change reason and/or change comments section
  • Concurrent Enrolments:  A validation has been added to check for associated course enrolments before allowing a delete to process in PowerSchool
  • Permanently Store Grades: Users can now select between storing diploma and non-diploma courses as well as an option to not re-store grades if nothing has changed on the grade other than the date stored
  • When deleting records that are triggering PASI events, the delete events are not being triggered. This issue is now resolved.


PowerTeacher Changes Include:

  • Gradebook: Duplicate Assignments - When a lead teacher and a co-teacher are using Gradebook at the same time, it is possible they could create duplicate assignments without causing a duplicate assignment name error. This issue is now resolved. bug fixes
  • Seating Chart - When using the PowerTeacher Seating Chart for a section with a combined seating chart. If the section is reassigned to another teacher, a HTTP 500 error can occur. This issue is now resolved.




February 7, 2018

PowerSchool February Update

PowerSchool Key Features

  • Updated Reports Reference Guide (PowerSchool Reports) (PowerTeacher Reports)
  • If you are not in the current school year, the PowerSchool page header will be a different colour.
  • Language and Culture grant codes have been added.  There is also a new report – Students With Language and Culture Grant Code issues which will identify students enrolled in L & C courses but don’t have the matching grant code or vice versa.
  • Student List By Program Report - Added grant codes to the report.
  • FNMI descriptions have been updated to match Alberta terminology.
  • Modify Schedule page - Schools can now only drop classes from their own school.
  • Attendance Profile Reports - We now show the ASN in the Messages and Errors section.
  • Course Preference Weightings can now be set to double digits (maximum weight is 99).
  • Help Text has been added to the Permanently Stored Grades page (added October 2017).
  • Retroactive Credits (if any exist) are now shown on the Historical Grades page.

Bug Fixes

  • Section Enrolment Count page - fixed report to no longer incorrectly highlight sections where the maximum enrolment limit is zero (which actually means unlimited seats).
  • Ethnicity was not being updated on the Province Page when FNMI was changed
  • On the Validate Data page, the FNMI Section was not working with Null values
  • Field Trip Links are now pointing to the correct page.
  • The Flex Session Summary Report was not checking semesters (fixed November 2017).


Progress/LSP Module

  • Minor bug fixes



Previous Releases (2017)

Previous Releases (2016)

Previous Releases (2015)

Previous Releases (2014)

Previous Releases (2013)

Previous Releases (2012)

Previous Releases (2010-2011)


NEW!!! Next Year Eligibilities can now be entered on the student next year screen by clicking the Next Year Eligibility button

o   Submit your next year changes before clicking the Next Year Eligibility button or you will lose your changes

After a Next School has been selected for the first time, you must wait until the top of the hour before you can select next year eligibilities