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PowerSchool Reading Achievement Levels

Grade 1-6 teachers can enter Reading Achievement Levels for their students via PowerTeacher. Click the link below for instructions how to enter scores and to report on previous year entries.

Entering Reading Achievement Levels - PowerTeacher

Reporting Reading Achievement Levels - PowerTeacher


Entering Reading Achievement Levels - PowerSchool Admin Users

Reporting Reading Achievement Levels - PowerSchool Admin Users


PowerSchool Setup

Storing Grades - See the PowerSchool Admin section for Storing Grades - Term 1.

See the PowerSchool Admin section for 2016/17 PowerSchool setup exercises.

Also, check out the Training section for upcoming inservices, and the 'What's New' section below for new features available in PowerSchool.



Student Coding

Conversion from Eligibility to New Student Coding

Student Coding Changes - Principal Overview

Student Coding Tips & Tricks

District Centres 
(powerpoint show - August 2014)
Student Coding  (PDF - September 2014)

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PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that is used by all schools in the District.  It consists of two components - PowerSchool, which contains the office functions, and PowerTeacher, which contains the teacher functions.  A Progress/IPP module has been built in, to meet the specific needs of Edmonton Public Schools.



All PowerSchool Support questions should be directed to the ITS Help Desk.  This includes:

  • PowerTeacher
  • PowerSchool Administrative Module
  • Progress/IPP
  • Pre-enrolment
  • System performance/response

Information regarding student information processes and data requirements (ex Class Size, CEU, etc) can be found on the Student Information website

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May 20, 2016

PowerSchool 9.2.3 Upgrade

This PowerSchool upgrade contains an update to the PowerTeacher Gradebook certificate so that Gradebook will continue to function after June 1st.

PowerSchool key features include:

  1. Minor layout changes on grading setup and the quick lookup preferences pages.  PowerSchool has moved some of the fields from the Current Grade Display page to the Quick LookUp Preferences page and changed some of the wording on these pages.  The Final Grade Setup page is now called Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup.


PowerTeacher key features include:

  1.  None.


PowerTeacher GradeBook:

  1. The PowerTeacher Gradebook certificate has been updated so that the Gradebook will continue to function.


PASI key features include:

  1. Minor bug fixes only.


EPSB customizations include:

  1. The student Bell Schedule View page now has buttons to allow you to see the bell schedule for any selected week.
  2. On the admin home page, we have added a direct link to see What's New in PowerSchool
  3. We have created 2 new CTS reports that are located on the Special Functions > School Functions page.  They are the CTS Module Detail Report and the CTS Module Summary Report.
  4. We have modified the PowerSchedule report, Schedule Course Enrollment, so that the output is now sortable.


March 2, 2016

Progress Module v1.23

 The progress comment box is now resizable! When you make the main module screen larger (by clicking and dragging a corner), the comment box on the single student screen will now resize accordingly.


Previous Releases (2015)

Previous Releases (2014)

Previous Releases (2013)

Previous Releases (2012)

Previous Releases (2010-2011)


NEW!!! Next Year Eligibilities can now be entered on the student next year screen by clicking the Next Year Eligibility button

o   Submit your next year changes before clicking the Next Year Eligibility button or you will lose your changes

After a Next School has been selected for the first time, you must wait until the top of the hour before you can select next year eligibilities